Design & Marketing

We’re in the business of creative design and marketing. We’re all about creating successful and memorable brands from your inspiration and launching campaigns that will capture the imagination of your target segment. We offer these key services – send us your brief so we can organise your proposal to get your project underway.

Event promotion & marketing

Marketing an event is probably the most important aspect of organising any event. A successful promotional campaign stems from a well-crafted brand and image with a relatable story.

Let us assist you with this process from the ground up, starting with the brand to broadcasting your event to the wide market. Get in touch to find out how to set up an adequate strategy. Let’s cater our services to align with your requirements and brief.

Brand design & strategy development

Image and a back story are the essence of every event. It communicates and expresses feelings and sentiments that attract, retain and solidify your market segment. Developing a strong foundation through the brand image, the market competitor analysis and most importantly, the vision and the goals of your business, we will be able to craft the perfect implementation plan to drive your event brand into the market.

Event website development

With all business ventures these days, an enterprise without a web presence is doomed from the start. In line with driving your business, developing and managing a well-laid-out website is what we do. Let’s compliment your brand with a strong present to allow you to communicate your message professionally. Let’s begin.